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What Are The Cleaning Methods For Medical Centrifuges?

What Are The Cleaning Methods For Medical Centrifuges?

Nowadays, many people have bought medical centrifuges, but after a period of time, they need to be cleaned.

In order to let you master the cleaning method, the following small introduction.

1. Clean the cavity and rotor of the medical centrifuge, and after cleaning is completed, dry the condensation and dirt in the cavity with alcohol.

2. Open the door after use until the room temperature returns to normal, and then close the door cover.

3. Equilibrate the centrifuged sample before centrifugation, then clean it.

4. Pay attention to sterilization after centrifugation to destroy all internal germs.

5. If conditions permit, you can also clean the rotating part, or just replace the rotating part with a new one.

6. When the main power indicator light is off, check whether the indicator fuse and indoor switchboard fuse are blown, check whether the power cord is in good contact, if the fuse is broken, replace the fuse and keep the circuit open.

7. check the vacuum pump gauge and the indicated oil pressure, if the oil pressure is too high and the host can not start, then you can also check the oil circuit to see if there is any blockage, especially if the throttle hole is smooth, if not, clean it to make it smooth.

8. If the bearings are damaged or rolling is blocked, the friction resistance becomes larger due to the lack of oil in the bearings or more dirt in the bearings, and the motor can not reach the rated speed, the bearings should be cleaned or replaced in time.

How to maintain the medical centrifuge in spring.

Spring is coming, everything is recovering, everywhere is a vibrant scene, but spring also brings trouble to the medical centrifuge, so how to maintain the centrifuge in spring? The following is to tell you the way to maintain.

First, keep the medical centrifuge dry.

In spring, it often rains heavily, and once it rains heavily, the periphery of the medical centrifuge machine will become wet, so this time we should always keep the centrifuge dry, don't let the medical centrifuge sticky water.

Second, wipe with a rag

When carrying out maintenance work, we can always use a clean rag to wipe the centrifuge, wipe away the water on the surface of the centrifuge, the advantage of doing so is that it can maintain the precision of the centrifuge and will not affect the experimental results.

Third, contact the laboratory centrifuge manufacturers for maintenance

If you do not know how to carry out maintenance work, in fact, there is another way, that is, you can contact the laboratory centrifuge manufacturers, the manufacturer will come to your door to carry out maintenance for you.

Generally many manufacturers will provide services for free, however, a few manufacturers in the maintenance of centrifuges charge a certain fee is normal.

The above is a small explanation of "What are the cleaning methods of medical centrifuges?" Content, do you understand? I hope the content of the above explanation can help you, thank you for watching, we will see you next time.