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  • centrifuge laboratory price
  • centrifuge in microbiology lab
  • centrifuge used in microbiology lab
  • centrifuge in medical laboratory

CH260R 6x1000mL High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

CH260R Large Capacity High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Centrifuge CH260R has obtained a number of patented technologies. It is the latest intelligent high-efficiency centrifuge developed by Xiangyi/Cence. Powerful system management function with different operation options for different applications greatly simplify the experiment management. 16 rotor options, which can separate and concentrate cytoplasm, virus bacteria and chemical substances. It is widely used in high-tech fields such as molecular biology, biology and biochemistry.

Advantages Of CH260R Vacuum Centrifuge

  • Direct drive motor without replacing the belt.

  • The intelligent vacuum friction reducing system has a simple and effective sealing structure. The sealing part does not need to be coated with vacuum silicone grease, and all sealing parts do not need special maintenance.

  • New generation dynamic intelligent control system, user operate the centrifuge according to conventional centrifuge use method without additional operation.

  • Excellent energy consumption performance. Save up to 65% energy consumption compared with traditional centrifuge.

  • Adopt AC variable frequency motor, speed accuracy ± 10 r/ min. Unique motor bearing heat dissipation patent makes the motor bearing always work in the best state and greatly improves the service life of the motor. ( patent NO: zl201922481254.0 )

  • The flexible driving device of centrifuge with protection, which makes the rotor spinning extremely smoothly, meanwhile, continuously detect the unbalance state of the rotor in operation. Which greatly improve safety in centrifugation process. This technology has obtained national patent ( Patent NO: ZL201720768513.6 )

  • The centrifuge door lock with labor-saving operation and good safety has won national patent ( Patent NO: ZL201420116441.3 )

  • 316 stainless chamber and unique copper pipe configuration technology, not only make the refrigeration efficiency extremely high, but also the overall corrosion resistance is excellent ( Patent NO: ZL201720981827.4, ZL202020709292.7 )

  • The self-developed high-speed centrifuge bottle can not only bear high centrifugal force but also disinfect at high temperature without deformation(121℃, 15min), ( Patent NO: ZL201720768611.X)

  • Ergonomic height design ensure easy sample loading and unloading and easy cleaning.

  • Convenient installation of the rotor without the help of any tools, just put rotors on Rotor shaft without screw fixing or buttons' operation.

  • All the alloy aluminum rotor are forged with 7075 series alloy aluminum, hard oxidation on the surface and strong corrosion resistance.

  • Improve productivity with new generation carbon fiber rotors, an advanced alternative to metal rotors, offering unequalled durability with fatigue- and corrosion-resistance for worry-free operation spin after spin.

  • Glove-friendly 7-inch HD touch screen, intuitive display and easy to operate. The setting parameters and running parameters can be displayed simultaneously.

  • Directly input the setting value without adjustment, more convenient compared with traditional knob operation.

  • Powerful control system offering the function of 5-steps gradient separation, sample ID, startup at appointed time, the mode of profiles, free choice of programs and multiple operation language option.

  • Strong safety performance, the user management function prevent programs from unexpected modification or deletion.

  • Safe and reliable centrifugation, max speed up to 26000rpm, and many rotors are available to choose from.

Technical Parameter Of CH260R Vacuum Centrifuge

Order No.202253007
Max. SpeedAngle Rotor 26000r/min
Swing Rotor 4000r/min
Max. RCFAngle Rotor 80035xg
Swing Rotor 3500xg
Max. CapacityAngle Rotor 6x1000ml
Swing Rotor 4x750ml
Time Setting Range1min to 99h59min, HOLD
Timing ModeStart timing after spinning, Start timing after reach setting speed, Short spinning or Continuous timing, Operation at an appointed time
Temperature Setting Range-20℃ to 40℃
Temperature Accuracy±1℃
Speed Accuracy±10r/min
Speed Range100RPM to Max. speed with step 100RPM(speed step can be customized, multiple of 10)
Rotor IdentificationYes
Steps CentrifugationYes (100 programs, each programs with 5 steps, More programs can be saved by adding external memory card)
Pre-cooling FunctionYes
Compressor UnitHigh Performance Compressor Unit; Environment-friendly refrigerant(R404a)
Protection FunctionImbalance Protection, Rotor Identification, Door Lid Anti Pinch Protection, Motor Overheating Protection, Over-speed Protection and Over-temperature Protection
MotorAC Variable Frequency Motor
Power SupplyAC 220±22V 50Hz
Power Consumption1.7kW
Dimension (WxDxH)730x930x960(mm)
Packing Dimension (WxDxH)880x1120x1180(mm)
Net Weight260kg

Rotor Parameter Of CH260R Vacuum Centrifuge

Centrifugal Vacuum Concentrator Rotor Parameter Of CH260R 6x1000mL High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Speed Vacuum Centrifuge Rotor Parameter Of CH260R 6x1000mL High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Centrifugal Vacuum Evaporator Rotor Parameter Of CH260R 6x1000mL High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

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