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Cence Floor Centrifuge is a highly efficient and reliable centrifuge that is designed to provide maximum performance in a variety of applications. The floor model centrifuge is an ideal choice for medical laboratories and research institutes, as it has the capability to process samples quickly and accurately. The floor standing centrifuge features a wide range of speed settings, from low to high, and a large capacity. With a powerful motor and advanced safety features, the floor centrifuge can handle large volumes of liquid and solid samples with ease, making it an excellent choice for labs and research facilities.

Types Of Floor Centrifuge For Sale

Floor Centrifuge is a versatile, high-performance laboratory equipment designed to rapidly separate particles of different densities and sizes.

Floor Low Speed Centrifuge

This Floor Low-Speed Centrifuge is designed for laboratories and medical facilities, offering precise speed control and safe operation for a wide range of samples. It features a robust design, easy-to-use interface, and reliable performance for reliable results.
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Benefits Of Using A Floor Standing Centrifuge for Separation

Fast and Efficient Separations

The floor model centrifuge provides fast, efficient separations of liquids and suspended solids. This type of filtration centrifuge can handle large volumes of material quickly and with minimal labour.

High Performance

Floor centrifuges provide high performance, with a high separation efficiency and accuracy. The floor centrifuge filtration systems can also be used for a variety of different processes, from clarifying and separating to concentration and dehydration.

​Cost Effective

The floor model centrifuge is more cost-effective than other separation technologies, as the floor centrifuge requires less energy and requires minimal maintenance. This makes it a great choice for industrial applications where cost savings are important.

Applications Of Floor Standing Centrifuge

The floor model centrifuge are used for the separation, clarification, and purification of cell suspensions and liquids, as well as for cell harvesting and sample preparation.

floor model centrifuge used in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Floor centrifuges are used to separate heavy components from lighter ones in the production of drugs and medicines. Through this process, active ingredients can be extracted and purified more quickly and efficiently.

floor model centrifuge used in petroleum industry

Floor centrifuges are used in the petroleum industry to separate oil and gas, as well as other particles, from water. This helps to purify the oil and gas, making them ready for further processing and use.

floor model centrifuge used in wastewater treatment

Floor centrifuges are used in wastewater treatment plants to separate solids from wastewater and other liquids. This helps to reduce the amount of sludge produced and allows for the safe disposal of contaminants.

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