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  • bench top centrifuge
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  • benchtop centrifuge machine
  • bench top centrifuge
  • benchtop centrifuge
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HT190 4x250mL High Speed Centrifuge

HT190 Benchtop High Speed Centrifuge

Benchtop high Speed Centrifuge HT190 provides you with the most cost-effective solution. With EP tube, centrifugal force up to 25100xg (19000rpm). Multiple rotors and adapters are available, with excellent performance. Equipped with 0.2ml tube to 250ml bottle, MTP, PCR and deep-well plate.

Advantages Of HT190 High Speed Centrifuge Machine

  • 7inches high sensitivity (can be directly operated with gloves) and HD touch screen, easy operation with easy readout. The setting and running parameters can be displayed simultaneously

  • Super large capacity data storage can store months of operation data, fault records, etc., which is convenient for tracking operation information.

  • Directly input the setting value like speed, time, RCF, ACC and DEC and so on. It's more convenient and accurate compared with traditional knob operation

  • Automated lid locking system adds to user's safety

  • Multiple programs can be saved for fast operation. It can support 5-steps centrifugation to meet the diversified experimental needs.

  • The running records and diagnostic records can be checked directly on the screen.

  • Featuring 10 acceleration profiles and 11 deceleration profiles to prevent second emulsion or turbid and achieve the best centrifugal effect.

  • Automatic rotor identification for over-speed protection.

  • Providing multiple self-diagnostic protection functions against door interlock malfunction, over-speed operation, motor overheating, misoperation and communication fault etc. to ensure user's safety.

  • Front panel and door lid are moulded at one time and streamline designed with ergonomics, which is simple and elegant.

  • Aerodynamic oval bucket can reduce resistance, noise and energy consumption.

Technical Parameter Of HT190 High Speed Centrifuge Machine

Order No.203270004
Max. Speed19000r/min
Max. RCF25100xg
Max. Capacity4x250ml(Swing rotor)
Speed Accuracy±20r/min
Time Setting Range1min to 99h59min
Timing ModeStart timing after spinning, Start timing after reach setting speed, Short spinning
Power SupplyAC220V±22V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption650W
Dimension (WxDxH)436x560x380(mm)
Packing Dimension (WxDxH)547x727x432(mm)
Net Weight48kg

Rotor Parameter Of HT190 High Speed Centrifuge Machine

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