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Centrifuge Tube by Cence is a laboratory equipment used to separate substances of different densities. It is composed of a cylindrical tube with a sealed lid and a bottom containing a rotating axis. The tube is spun at high speed, which causes the heavier components to move towards the bottom of the tube, while the lighter components stay at the top. It is an essential tool for scientists to separate samples and perform research. With its sturdy construction and reliable performance, Centrifuge Tube by Cence is an excellent choice for any laboratory.

Different Specifications of Centrifuge Tube


Safety Precautions When Using Centrifuge Tube

1. Always wear safety goggles and a lab coat when working with centrifuge tubes. 

2. Keep the centrifuge well-balanced. Unevenly balanced centrifuges can cause tube breakage. 

3. Do not overfill centrifuge tubes. This can cause them to break or burst. 

4. Make sure the centrifuge is securely closed and that all lids are tightly secured. 

5. When removing tubes from the rotor, use extreme caution, as the tubes may be hot. 

6. Keep hands and other body parts away from the rotor at all times. 

7. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when operating a centrifuge. 

8. Be sure to use the appropriate rotor for the type of sample being spun. 

9. Unplug the centrifuge before attempting to perform any maintenance or troubleshooting. 

Safety Precautions When Using Centrifuge Tube

How To Select Right Centrifuge Tube

How To Select Right Centrifuge Tube
  • Determine the sample volume: The size of the centrifuge tube should be appropriate for the sample volume. A too small tube may cause the sample to overflow and a too large tube may require more time and energy to centrifuge. 

  • Consider the type of sample: Different samples may require different types of centrifuge tubes. Biological samples may require a tube with a conical bottom, while inorganic samples may require a tube with a flat bottom. 

  • Choose the material: Centrifuge tubes are available in different materials such as glass, plastic, or metal. The choice of material should be based on factors such as compatibility with the sample, ease of cleaning, and cost.

  • Consider the tube closure: Centrifuge tubes may have a screw cap or a snap cap closure. It is important to choose the right closure to prevent leakage or contamination of the sample. 

  • Consider the centrifuge speed: The speed of the centrifuge should be considered when selecting the centrifuge tube. It is important to choose a tube that is designed for the centrifuge speed that will be used.

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