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  • centrifuge tube with cap
  • centrifuge tube with cap

5mL 10mL Screw Cap Centrifuge Tube

5mL and 10mL Screw Cap Centrifuge Tubes are small laboratory tubes with a screw cap designed for centrifugation and storage of smaller biological samples. They provide secure sealing to prevent sample leakage and are widely used in various research and diagnostic applications.

Product Characteristics of Centrifuge Tubes with Caps

1. Use rigorous tested polypropylene copolymers (PPCO) as raw material, which conforms to the standards of food and drug administration (FDA) etc.

2. This kind of centrifugal tube have good separation/graining ability that conical tube have, can be widely use in molecular biology, clinical chemistry and biochemistry research. No matter Centrifugal, blending, or other applications, this kind of tube can finish your experiment process.

3. Advanced production technology significantly increased mechanical strength to withstand max RCF 50000xg.

4. It can be under high temperature and high pressure sterilization for 20 minutes in 121°C, 0.1mpa(15psig/1bar).

5. Excellent mechanical properties let it reusable after clean and high temperature sterilization.

6. Screw off the cap before high temperature sterilization, and don't tighten the caps when sterilization.

Centrifuge Tube with Cap 5mL 10mL Screw Cap Centrifuge Tube

Product Information of Centrifuge Tubes with Caps

Order No.









Size(Diameter x Height)

Φ13 x 53.5mm

Φ16 x 81.4mm

Max. RCF



Note: The excellent quality of 5ml and 10ml tube can be used in foreign centrifuge and completely replace foreign centrifuge tube with the same specification.

*Recommend high temperature sterilization before use it.

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