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Cence Microcentrifuge is a powerful and reliable instrument for biological sample preparation. The micro centrifuge machine provides precise and efficient separation of particles in a variety of samples, such as cell suspensions, blood components, enzymes, and proteins. The microfuge features a quiet, low-vibration motor and a wide variety of rotors to accommodate tubes and other containers up to 15 mL. The microfuge centrifuge is designed with a digital display, touchpad controls and a programmable timer, allowing users to easily adjust the speed and time of the centrifugation process. Its advanced safety features ensure the protection of samples and operators. The refrigerated microfuge is a valuable tool for laboratories and is perfect for a variety of laboratory applications.

Types Of Microcentrifuge For Sale

A microcentrifuge is a small, high-speed centrifuge used to separate particles in liquid samples by spinning them at high speeds. It is commonly used in laboratory settings for quick, efficient separatio

M16 12x2mL High Speed Microcentrifuge

M16 high speed micro centrifuge is compact in size, beautiful in appearance
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WTL-4K/6K/10K Mini Centrifuge

WTL-4K/6K/10K Micro Low Speed/ High Speed Centrifuge is a small but powerful mini centrifuge for simple and quick liquid separation.
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Practices For Cleaning And Maintenance Of Micro centrifuges

Regular Maintenance

Regularly inspect and clean the microcentrifuge components to ensure optimal performance and safety. Check seals, gaskets, and tubing for signs of wear and replace them as necessary. Ensure that the centrifuge is level and properly balanced and that all safety features are functioning correctly.

Cleaning Protocols

Follow manufacturer-recommended cleaning protocols for the centrifuge, rotor, and any additional accessories. Use cleaners and solvents that are compatible with the materials used in the centrifuge. Disassemble and clean the rotor, buckets, and other accessories as needed.

Proper Storage

Store the centrifuge in a dry, dust-free environment. If storing the minifuge for an extended period of time, oil the motor and bearings to protect them from corrosion and wear. Check seals and gaskets for signs of wear and replace them as needed.

Applications Of Microcentrifuge

Micro centrifuges are used in a variety of applications, such as tissue culture, DNA/RNA preparation, cell separations, protein purification, and sample preparation.

clinical centrifuge

Microcentrifuges are used to isolate, concentrate, and analyze small volumes of samples for clinical diagnostics. They are essential tools for clinical laboratories to quickly and accurately detect any abnormalities in a patient’s sample.

micro centrifuges in cell culturing

Microcentrifuges are used to separate and purify cells from the surrounding media. This is essential for cell culturing, which is the process of growing cells in an artificial environment.

microfuge centrifuge in protein purification

Microcentrifuges can be used to isolate, purify, and concentrate proteins from a sample. This is an essential tool for protein research, as it allows scientists to quickly and accurately purify specific proteins.

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