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Cence Centrifuge has always insisted on manufacturing and developing lab centrifuges intently and professionally. From low speed to high speed benchtop centrifuge, from micro volume to large capacity centrifuge, from ventilated to refrigerated centrifuge, from tabletop to floor type centrifuge, and even special centrifuge with customization, you can always find a centrifuge that meet your centrifugation requirements from Cence Centrifuge.

Different High Speed Benchtop Centrifuge Models


Features Of High Speed Desktop Centrifuge

High-speed centrifuges generally include the following features:

  • DC brushless motor, maintenance-free;

  • Microcomputer control, pre-selectable speed, time, RCF;

  • Liquid crystal display, easy to operate;

  • Various kinds of acceleration rates and deceleration rates for selection;

  • Quick start and quick stop;

  • Stainless steel container room;

  • Electronic door lock;

  • False warning and alarm function;

  • Multiple protections, safe and reliable.

The ultra high speed centrifuge is the preferred centrifugal equipment for medical and health care, food, environmental protection, scientific research and teaching.

Features Of High Speed Desktop Centrifuge

High Speed Centrifuge Is Widely Used

High Speed Centrifuge Is Widely Used

The high speed centrifuge speed is generally between 10,000r/min and 30,000r/min, and it is equipped with a refrigeration system. Due to the high rotational speed and strong centrifugal force, the high speed centrifuge is an effective preparation instrument for high-purity separation, concentration, and purification of suspended substances in sample solutions, and extraction of various samples for research. The high speed benchtop centrifuge is an important instrument and equipment used in scientific research and production departments such as medicine, pharmacy, biology, chemistry, agricultural science, food environmental protection, etc. This type of desktop centrifuge is widely used in various drugs and biological products, such as blood, cells, proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, viruses, hormones and many more.

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