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Cence laboratory centrifuge machine is an instrument that uses the centrifugal force generated by the rotating rotor to separate substances of different densities and particle sizes in suspensions or emulsions, or to analyze them while separating. The separation capacity of a lab centrifuge for sale is usually in milliliters or liters, and generally does not exceed 15L at a time.


The application of types of centrifuge used in laboratory cover a wide range of areas, such as blood separation, virus research, DNA research, drug purification, and the separation of particles with different densities in solutions. The lab centrifuge machine is an experimental instrument needed by production and scientific research units such as radio-immunity, biochemistry, and environmental protection.

What Is The Usage Of Types Of Laboratory Centrifuge?

What Is The Usage Of Types Of Laboratory Centrifuge?

Types of laboratory centrifuges are widely used in medical fields, fields of research and production, and other laboratories.

  • For medical fields, medical laboratory centrifuge is used in some specfic areas such as hospitals, disease control centers, blood centers, animal husbandry and aquatic products, radio-immunity, etc.

  • For fields of research, such as institutions of higher learning, research institutes, R&D centers, etc.

  • For fields of production, the centrifuge used in microbiology lab is applied in the fields such as bioengineering, biological pharmaceutical, genetic engineering, biochemistry, plant extraction, blood preparation, food processing, petrochemical, and milk fat separation.


Why Choose Types Of Laboratory Centrifuge From Cence?

Why Choose Types Of Laboratory Centrifuge From Cence?
All Cence centrifuges are manufactured by Cence self-owned factory, high quality ensured.
CE qualified
Numerous categories
Self-produced rotors
Used worldwide

How Does A Laboratory Centrifuge Work?

centrifugal lab machine rotor

A laboratory centrifuge should be equipped with right rotor for separation.

lab centrifuge machine symmetry

Tubes or bottles with substance to be separated should be symmetrically placed in the rotor.

centrifuge laboratory equipment separation

With right rotor and symmetry, the centrifuge can be operated to generate right centrifugal force to finish the separation.

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