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  • tabletop low speed centrifuge
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LT53 4x250mL Low Speed Centrifuge

LT53 Benchtop Low Speed Automatic Banlance Centrifuge

LT53 low speed benchtop automatic balance centrifuge is widely used in clinic, genetics, biology, cytology and other fields. A variety of rotors, buckets and adapters are available. The front panel and door cover are formed by one-time mold, Streamlined appearance, simple and elegant, in line with ergonomics. Equipped with multiple protection, safe and reliable

Advantages Of LT53 Clinical Centrifuge

  • 7 inches high sensitivity (can be directly operated with gloves) and HD touch screen, easy operation with easy readout. The setting and running parameters can be displayed in real time.

  • Directly input set values such as speed, time, RCF, ACC, and DEC, making operation quick and convenient. It is simpler, faster, and more accurate than traditional knob operations.

  • Automatic door interlocking allows the door to automatically close under small and gentle pressure. During operation, the door cover will not open, and if the door cover is not properly closed, the system will not start, providing safe and reliable operation.

  • Featuring 11 acceleration profiles and 12 deceleration profiles to prevent second emulsion or turbid and achieve the best centrifugal effect (the time on 10th ACC and DEC profile can be customer-designed based on the experiment requirements).

  • Data records: The running records and diagnostic records can be checked directly on the screen.

  • Program setting: The program can easily achieve the reproducibility of the experiment. Program naming is easily accessible to the user, which is easy to reproduce the whole scheme the experiment only by calling the corresponding name. It can support 5-steps centrifugation to meet the diversified experimental needs.

  • Automatic rotor identification for speed-limit control to ensure safety.

  • Providing multiple self-diagnostic protection functions against door interlock malfunction, over-speed operation, motor overheating, misoperation and communication fault etc. to ensure the personal and instrument safety.

  • Front panel and door lid are moulded at one time and streamline designed with ergonomics, which is simple and elegant.

  • Aerodynamic oval bucket can reduce resistance, noise and energy consumption.

  • Various adaptors from 0.2ml to 250ml are available, it is an ideal choice for clinical testing and laboratory analysis.

Technical Parameter Of LT53 Clinical Centrifuge

Order No.205255023
Max. Speed5300r/min
Max. RCF5010xg
Max. Capacity4x250ml
Speed Accuracy±20r/min
Time Setting Range1s-99min59s or 1 min-99h59min
Power SupplyAC220V±22V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption400W
Dimension (WxDxH)436x560x380mm
Packing Dimension (WxDxH)547x727x432mm
Net Weight42kg

Rotor Parameter Of LT53 Clinical Centrifuge

Bucket Rotor Centrifuge

Clinical Centrifuge Table Top

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