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  • glass centrifuge bottles

2400mL Centrifuge Bottle

A 2400mL centrifuge bottle is a large laboratory container used for centrifugation of samples. It has a high capacity of 2400mL and is commonly used in industrial and research applications for efficient separation and processing of large volumes of biological or chemical samples.

Product Characteristics of 2400mL Centrifuge Bottle

1. Maximum capacity can reach 2400ml, and one-time processing samples can up to 14.4L

2. Simplified bio-pharmaceutical downstream processes, suitable for large doses of DNA products, protein products, cell culture, vaccine production industry, etc.

3. Using polypropylene copolymer (PPCO) as raw materials, high chemical resistance, good mechanical properties, it can withstand up to the relative centrifugal force 8000 xg.

4. It can have high temperature and high pressure sterilization for 20 minutes in 121°C, 0.1mpa(15psig/1bar).

5. Advanced production process can significantly increase the lining of finish, reduce the cutting force with cell, can protect the sample better; special processing of bottle can greatly increases the adsorption force of the sample.

6. Repeat use after clean and high temperature sterilization; Using 10 minutes at a time, its service life can reach 480 cycles, strong durability.

7. Without the inner cap and sealing ring, it can effectively prevent the secondary pollution when sampling.

8. Screw off the cap before high temperature sterilization, and don't tighten the caps when sterilization.

Centrifuge Accessories Product Characteristics of 2400mL Centrifuge Bottle

Product Information of 2400mL Centrifuge Bottle

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Note: 2400ml bottle is suitable for CL8R/L720R-3 centrifuge made by "cence".

*Recommend high temperature sterilization before use it.

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