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VORTEX 10K 6x1000mL High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

VORTEX 10K Large Capacity High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

High speed Refrigerated Centrifuge VORTEX 10K is an intelligent centrifuge developed by Cence/Xiangyi. It can monitor 1 to 100 centrifuges through intelligent terminal (computer), monitor the operation status of centrifuges, and save relevant records of centrifuge operation, Establish a safe connection with the centrifuge and remotely control the startup and stopping of the centrifuge, It meets the requirements for the integrity of operation information of biopharmaceutical GMP instruments. Come with standard network interface, user can control the centrifuge by Mobile APP.

Advantages Of VORTEX 10K Floor Centrifuge

  • Automatic door locking system

    Automatic door opening & closing by just touch the key on the screen.

    Door lid come with intelligent anti pinch device.

  • Large Capacity, High Speed

    Max sample processing capacity up to 6x1000ml, Max speed up to 10000r/min. Max RCF up to 17700xg, which greatly improves the production efficiency and separation effect.

  • Built-in safety

    Featuring multiple protection, Such as automatic rotor identification, imbalance protection, over-speed protection, over-temperature protection, motor overheating protection, door lid protection and so on.

  • Reliable Material

    The alloy aluminum rotor adopt 7075-T6 aviation grade alloy aluminum, hard oxidation, corrosion resistance. From raw material to finished products, each process is strictly controlled. The flaw detection report, tensile test report, chemical composition test report and processing test report can be provided. Centrifuge chamber adopt 2mm thick 316L stainless steel, Housing (3mm Q235 steel ), Containment (15mm Q235 steel ), Diaphragm in door lid (3mm Q235 steel )

  • Extensible

    The system adopts unified and standard Ethernet communication interface and provides key parameter point table, to facilitate system expansion and bring data into system monitoring.

  • Programmable

    Save up to 100 user-defined program. Users can name each program to distinguish it. Each program can be divided into 5 steps ( set speed, time, temperature ), to meet the diversified experimental needs.

  • ACC/DEC Rates

    11 acceleration and 12 deceleration rate ( NO.10 rate can be self-defined), to prevent second emulsion or turbid, to achieve best centrifugation result.

  • Main interface function

    In manual mode, the centrifuge parameters can be set quickly, and the G-force and speed can be switched by just touch the key.

  • Powerful System Setting Function

    Powerful control system allows easy data capture, storage, and processing.

  • Centrifuge Management System( Optional)

    It can monitor 1 to 100 centrifuges through intelligent terminal (computer); Provide real-time connection with centrifuge with mobile APP; Built in help information in each interface; Make the centrifuge intelligent.

Technical Parameter Of VORTEX 10K Floor Centrifuge

Order No.202253001
Max. Speed10000r/min
Max. RCF17700xg
Max. Capacity6x1000ml
Speed Accuracy±10r/min
Time Setting RangeTwo modes optional:1min to 99h59min and 1s to 99min59s; Default mode: 1s to 99min59s
Timing ModeStart timing after spinning, Start timing after reach setting speed, Continuous timing, Operation at an appointed time
Temperature Setting Range-20℃ to 40℃, Step 1℃ adjustable
Pre-cooling FunctionYes
Temperature Accuracy±2℃
Rotor IdentificationYes
Imbalance ProtectionYes
Computer ControlRS485 or RS232
Protection FunctionImbalance Protection, Rotor Identification, Door Lid Anti Pinch Protection, Motor Overheating Protection, Over-speed Protection and Over-temperature Protection
Power SupplyAC220±22V 50Hz
Power Consumption6.5kW
Dimension (WxDxH)700x900x940mm
Packing Dimension (WxDxH)920x1040x1200mm
Net Weight355kg

Rotor Parameter Of VORTEX 10K Floor Centrifuge

Centrifugation Filtration Rotor Parameter Of VORTEX 10K 6x1000mL High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

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