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  • 100ml centrifuge tube
  • 100ml centrifuge tube

100mL Screw Cap Centrifuge Tube

100mL Screw Cap Centrifuge Tube is a type of laboratory tube with a screw cap used for centrifugation and storage of biological samples up to a volume of 100mL.

Product Characteristics of Centrifuge Tube 100ml

1. Use polypropylene copolymers (PPCO) material, which is translucent with excellent chemical resistance and mall molecular particles, and it won't produce precipitates. It was widely used in the study of biology, clinical chemistry and biochemistry.

2. Advanced production technology and special surface treatment significantly increase lining finish, decrease the cutting force to cell, and strengthen the absorbability of the bottom of the bottle, which can be more effective in separating samples.

3. Advanced production technology significantly increased mechanical strength to withstand max RCF 50000xg.

4. It can be under high temperature and high pressure sterilization for 20 minutes in 121°C, 0.1mpa (15psig/1bar).

5. Excellent mechanical properties let it reusable after clean and high temperature sterilization.

6. Screw off the cap before high temperature sterilization, and don't tighten the caps when sterilization.

Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes Product Characteristics of 100mL Screw Cap Centrifuge Tube

Product Information of Centrifuge Tube 100ml

Order No.






Size (Diameter x Height)

Φ37.5 x 119mm

Max. RCF


Note: 100ml screw-lock tube can be used in foreign centrifuge and majority of domestic centrifuge.

*Recommend high temperature sterilization before use it.

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