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Vacuum blood collection tubes are widely used in blood collection for hospitals, caps has to be opened by hand after centrifugation, so that it will affects the centrifugation efficiency and also increase the risk of bacterial infection.CTK64/CTK64R, CTK80/CTK80R, CTK120C/CTK120R, CTK150/CTK150R automatic decapping centrifuges successfully solved the problem of caps, it is the right choice of the hospital. The newly launched CTK120C can keep the voice below 62 dB(A), and control the temperature at 15-25 ℃. It is an ideal testing instrument for hospitals.

Different Automated Decapping Centrifuge Models


Benefits Of Automated Decapping Centrifuges

  • Increased Productivity: Automated decapping centrifuges can dramatically increase the speed at which samples are processed, thereby increasing productivity. This means that more samples can be processed in the same amount of time.

  • Improved Accuracy: Automated decapping centrifuges are able to accurately and consistently remove caps from sample tubes, ensuring the integrity of the samples.

  • Increased Safety: The automated process of decapping sample tubes eliminates the potential for operator error, thus reducing the risk of contamination.

  • Cost Savings: Automated decapping centrifuges reduce the amount of labour required to process samples, resulting in cost savings. Reduced Contamination: Automated decapping centrifuges also reduce the risk of contamination due to the consistent and accurate removal of caps.

Benefits Of Automated Decapping Centrifuges

How To Operate Automated Decapping Centrifuges

How To Operate Automated Decapping Centrifuges
  • Prepare the sample to be centrifuged. Depending on the type of sample, it may need to be homogenized, diluted, or treated in some way.

  • Load the sample into the centrifuge rotor, making sure that it is properly balanced and that all the samples are secured.

  • Close the lid of the centrifuge and make sure it is properly sealed.

  • Select the appropriate settings on the automated decapping centrifuge. This includes the speed and time of the run, as well as the temperature and pressure settings.

  • Start the centrifuge and wait for it to finish its run.6. Once the centrifuge has finished running, remove the sample from the rotor and discard any material that was decapped.7. Clean the centrifuge rotor and make sure all parts are properly assembled and ready for the next sample.

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