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  • 2ml centrifuge
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M16 12x2mL High Speed Microcentrifuge

M16 high speed micro centrifuge

M16 high speed micro centrifuge is compact in size, beautiful in appearance, simple in operation, quick in acceleration and deceleration, and controlled by touch screen. This type of high speed micro centrifuge is a rare microcentrifuge for molecular biology, modern medicine and scientific research.

Advantages Of M16 Microtube Centrifuge

  • 3.5-inch HD touch screen ( can be directly operated with glove), easy to operate and intuitive display.

  • The setting parameters and running parameters can be displayed simultaneously.

  • Multiple user-defined programs can be saved.

  • 1s-99min59s centrifugation or continuous centrifugation.

  • Unique air exchange technology makes the temperature rising at room temperature plus 10℃, which can protect the temperature sensitive samples.

  • Standard 12x1.5ml metal rotor can be under high temperature and high pressure sterilization. Whole metal airtightness rotor is optional.

  • Airtightness : whole metal airtightness structure can prevent aerosol pollution with better biosafety performance.

  • Equipped with emergency door opening device in case of the power failure. The 2ml centrifuge is secluded, safe and easy to operate.

  • Low noise and maintenance-free brushless motor is adopted.

  • Speed range from 300rpm to 16000rpm, and speed accuracy less than 30rpm.

Technical Parameter Of M16 Microtube Centrifuge

Order No.203270007
Max. Speed16000r/min
Max. RCF17602xg
Max. Capacity12x1.5/2ml with 0.5/0.2ml adaptor
Speed Accuracy±30/min
Time Setting Range1min to 99min59sec
Noise≤ 60dB
Power SupplyAC110 to 220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption100W
Dimension (WxDxH)260x240x145mm
Packing Dimension (WxDxH)320x350x190mm

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