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[Science Popularization] PRP Autologous Serum Beauty

(1)What is PRP?

The Chinese name of PRP (Platelet rich plasma) is "High concentration platelet plasma". PRP is actually our own blood, which contains a large amount of platelets in the plasma after removing red and white blood cells through a centrifuge. The main function of PRP is to improve sensitive muscles, fade dark circles under the eyes, treat acne pits, and fade fine lines and pigmentation.

【Science Popularization】 PRP Autologous Serum Beauty

(2)PRP Beauty Principles

PRP beauty simply means using your own "regeneration factors" to help yourself!

Using a centrifuge to separate blood cells (red and white )from the whole blood, leaving platelets called PRP. The plasma with a platelet PLT concentration increased to more than three times the whole blood concentration after centrifugation is called PRP, which is a high concentration "platelet rich plasma".

【Science Popularization】 PRP Autologous Serum Beauty

Platelets are generated by hematopoietic cells in the bone marrow and exist in the blood of the human body. Platelet rich is not an ordinary bodily fluid, it is a growth agent rich in a large amount of growth factors. The secreted growth factors adhere to the surface of damaged cell membranes, activate cell membrane receptors, and stimulate normal gene sequence expression in cells.

The growth factors in PRP play a leading role in promoting wound healing, cell proliferation and differentiation, and tissue formation, making it a "regenerative drug" for the human body.

【Science Popularization】 PRP Autologous Serum Beauty

【Science Popularization】 PRP Autologous Serum Beauty

PRP injection is not suitable for individuals such as pregnant women, children, anemia, fever, liver dysfunction, coagulation dysfunction, pulmonary anemia, sepsis, etc. It is best not to receive PRP injections for these groups of people to avoid adverse consequences.


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