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How To Use The Low-Speed Centrifuge And Precautions?

1) When using, put the centrifuge tube containing the material in the centrifuge tube adapter, weigh it on the balance, and adjust the amount of material in the tube so that the weights of the two tubes in the symmetrical positions are equal. The centrifuge tubes are placed symmetrically. When the test tube is a single quantity, add the same amount of water to the other tube to adjust the symmetry.

2) Close the lid, connect the power supply, set the time and speed according to the needs of centrifugation, turn on the switch, and the centrifuge enters the working state. The centrifuge is slowly accelerated in the initial phase. When it is found that the sound of rotor rotation is not right, press the stop button to stop the centrifuge, and start working after troubleshooting (such as asymmetrical centrifuge tubes, different quality, the uneven position of the centrifuge or lose nuts, etc).

3) When turning off the centrifuge, please wait for it to decelerate slowly before the machine comes to a complete stop, and do not force it to stop by hand.

4) The test tube of the centrifuge should be kept clean. If it is a glass tube, it is best to spread rubber, glass wool, or foamed styrene at the bottom of the rotor hole where the test tube is to be placed to prevent the test tube from breaking.

5) The closed centrifuge needs to be covered when working to ensure safety.

The above is the function and application field of the low-speed centrifuge machine and the precautions for use. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!